Ain’t That Peculiar


Ain’t That Peculiar‘ is a standout track in Marvin Gaye‘s illustrious career, showcasing his exceptional ability to blend rhythm and blues with a touch of funk. Released in 1965, the song was penned by Smokey Robinson, Pete Moore, Marv Tarplin, and Bobby Rogers.

Its catchy melody, combined with Gaye’s soulful and expressive vocals, captures the peculiarities of love and relationships, resonating with audiences with its lyrical wit and rhythmic charm.

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    1. Impact of the Song

    2. The creative process behind Ain’t That Peculiar involved some of Motown’s finest songwriters and musicians. The song’s success further cemented Marvin Gaye’s status as a musical innovator in the R&B genre.

      Its distinctive sound, characterized by a blend of smooth vocals and funky rhythms, not only topped the charts but also influenced the direction of R&B music in the 1960s. The song’s playful exploration of the complexities of love added depth to its catchy rhythm, making it a favorite among fans and a staple in Gaye’s repertoire.

    3. Lyrics

    4. Honey you do me wrong but still i’m crazy about you
      Stay away too long and i can’t do without you
      Every chance you get you seem to hurt me more and more
      But each hurt makes my love stronger than before
      I know flowers go through rain
      But how can love go through pain

      Ain’t that peculiar
      A peculiar ality
      Ain’t that peculiar baby
      Peculiar as can be

      You tell me lies that should be obvious to me
      I’ve been so much in love with you baby til i don’t wanna see
      That things you do and say are designed to make me blue
      It’s a dog gone shame my love for you makes all
      Your lies seem true
      But if the truth makes love last longer
      Why do lies make my love stronger

      Ain’t that peculiar
      A peculiar ality
      Ain’t that peculiar baby
      Peculiar as can be

      I cried so much just like a child thats lost its home
      Maybe baby you think these tears i cry are tears of joy
      A child can cry so much until you do everything they say
      But unlike a child my tears don’t help me to get my way
      I know love can last through years
      But how can love last through tears

      (repeat chorus)

      Pete Moore, William “Smokey” Robinson, Bobby Rogers, Marv Tarplin, 1965

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