I Want You (song)

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I Want You, a captivating song by Marvin Gaye, stands out as a significant piece in his discography. Released as part of his fourteenth studio album in 1976, this song diverged from Gaye’s previous Motown and doo-wop influences, adopting a funkier, light-disco soul style.

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    1. Marvin’s Version

    2. The conception of I Want You followed the success of Gaye’s album “Let’s Get It On” and his project with Diana Ross. Struggling to find a suitable follow-up, Gaye collaborated with Leon Ware, leading to a collection of erotically charged songs.

      “I Want You” is essentially a biographical piece, mirroring Gaye’s turbulent and fragile personal life and emotional state during that period.

    3. Lyrics

    4. I want you the right way
      I want you
      But I want you to want me too
      Want you to want me,baby
      Just like I want you

      I give you all the love I want in return sweet darlin’
      But half a love is all I feel
      It’s too bad,It’s just too sad
      You don’t want me now
      But I’m gonna change your mind
      Someway,somehow,oh baby


      This one way loveis just a fantasy, oh sugar
      To share is precious,pure and fair
      Don’t play with something you should cherish for life,oh baby
      Don’t you wanna care
      Aint it lonley out there


      Repeat and fade

      Otha Ware & Arthur Ross, 1975

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