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It Takes Two (lyrics)

HIM:Two can make that dream so real
HER:One can talk about being in love
HIM:Two can say how it really feels
HER:One can wish upon a star
HIM:Two can make that wish come true (Yeah!)
HER:One can stand alone in the dark
HIM:Two can make the lights shine through

Chorus (Both):
It takes two, baby
It takes two, baby
Me and you
Just take two

It takes two, baby
It takes two, baby
To make a dream come true
Just take two

HER:One can have a broken heart,
livin' in misery
HIM:Two can really ease the pain,
like a perfect remedy
HER:One can be alone in a car,
on a night like these all alone
HIM:Two can make just any place seem
just like bein' at home


Just take two, just take two

HER:(Ooh!) One can go out to a movie,
lookin' for a special treat
HIM:Two can make that single movie somethin'
really kinda sweet
HER:(Yeah!) One can take a walk in the moonlight,
thinkin' that it's really nice
HIM:But two walkin' hand-in-hand is like addin'
a pinch of spice 

HER:(Yeah!) (Chorus and fade)

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