It Takes Two

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It Takes Two is a duet that showcases the exceptional talents of Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston. Released in 1966, this song remains a quintessential example of Motown’s golden era. The track, produced under the legendary Motown label, exemplifies the vibrant and soulful sound that characterized the music of that time.

Marvin Gaye, already an established artist, and Kim Weston, a rising star, created a dynamic and unforgettable piece, making ‘It Takes Two’ an enduring classic in the world of soul and R&B.

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    1. Marvin’s Version

    2. The original version of It Takes Two by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston is a testament to the power of collaboration in music. The song, composed by William ‘Mickey’ Stevenson and Sylvia Moy, features a catchy, upbeat rhythm that perfectly complements the dynamic vocal interplay between Gaye and Weston.

      Their voices blend seamlessly, creating a lively and engaging duet. The lyrics of ‘It Takes Two’ speak to the joy and necessity of partnership, both in love and life. This track not only highlighted the chemistry between the two artists but also showcased Motown’s ability to produce hit songs that resonate with audiences across generations.

    3. Other Notable Versions

    4. While Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston‘s rendition of It Takes Two is iconic, the song has inspired several notable covers, each adding a unique flavor.

      One of the most famous versions was recorded by Rod Stewart and Tina Turner in 1990, turning the soul classic into a rock-infused powerhouse. This rendition gained immense popularity and introduced the song to a new generation.

      Additionally, the song has been covered in various genres, including a country version by Mary Chapin Carpenter and Joe Diffie. These adaptations underscore the universal appeal of ‘It Takes Two’, proving its versatility and enduring charm in the music world.

    5. Lyrics

    6. HIM:Two can make that dream so real
      HER:One can talk about being in love
      HIM:Two can say how it really feels
      HER:One can wish upon a star
      HIM:Two can make that wish come true (Yeah!)
      HER:One can stand alone in the dark
      HIM:Two can make the lights shine through

      Chorus (Both):
      It takes two, baby
      It takes two, baby
      Me and you
      Just take two

      It takes two, baby
      It takes two, baby
      To make a dream come true
      Just take two

      HER:One can have a broken heart,
      livin’ in misery
      HIM:Two can really ease the pain,
      like a perfect remedy
      HER:One can be alone in a car,
      on a night like these all alone
      HIM:Two can make just any place seem
      just like bein’ at home


      Just take two, just take two

      HER:(Ooh!) One can go out to a movie,
      lookin’ for a special treat
      HIM:Two can make that single movie somethin’
      really kinda sweet
      HER:(Yeah!) One can take a walk in the moonlight,
      thinkin’ that it’s really nice
      HIM:But two walkin’ hand-in-hand is like addin’
      a pinch of spice 

      HER:(Yeah!) (Chorus and fade)

      William “Mickey” Stevenson, Sylvia Moy, 1965

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