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Trouble Man, composed and written by Marvin Gaye, was released in November 1972 on the Motown subsidiary, Tamla. As the title track and theme for the blaxploitation film of the same name, ‘Trouble Man‘ is about the film’s lead character, ‘Mister T‘, and reflects Gaye’s personal life struggles.

This song was described by Gaye as one of his most honest recordings, where he played drums and piano and performed all vocals, including a mix of falsetto and gospel-styled growls​​.

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    1. Chart Performance and Impact

    2. Trouble Man‘ achieved significant commercial success, peaking at number seven on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number four on the Best Selling Soul Singles chart. Its popularity marked a high point in Gaye’s career and contributed to his enduring legacy in the music industry.

       The song’s unique blend of soul, funk, blues, and jazz, along with Gaye’s emotive performance, resonated with audiences and critics alike, earning it a place as a beloved classic in his discography​​.

    3. Influence in Popular Culture

    4. The legacy of ‘Trouble Man‘ extends beyond the charts, featuring in various aspects of popular culture. It was included in the soundtrack for the video game ‘Driver: Parallel Lines‘ and featured in films like ‘Four Brothers‘, ‘Seven‘, and ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘.

      The song’s themes and its connection to the ‘Trouble Man’ film have also been referenced in the TV series ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘, showcasing its lasting impact and relevance in contemporary media​​.

    5. Lyrics

    6. I come up hard, baby, and that ain’t cool!
      I didn’t make it sugah, playin’ by the rules!
      I come up hard, babe, but now I’m fine.
      I’m shakin’ trouble sugah, & movin’ down the line.
      I come up hard, but that’s OK.

      Trouble Man don’t get in my way!!

      I come up hard, baby!

      I mean fo’ real, baby, cuz I’m a Troubled Man!
      Gonna keep movin’, gonna go to town.
      I come up hard, and now I’m gettin’ down!
      There’s only 3 things that’s fa sho*:
      Taxes, death and trouble

      This I know, baby. this I know.
      Yeah, you never let it sweat you baby,


      Got me singin’, yeah, yeah, hooo

      I come up hard, baby, I had to fight!
      To keep my dignity with all my might!
      I come up hard, I had to win!
      Then start all over. And WIN AGAIN!!
      I come up hard, but that’s OK!
      ‘Cause Trouble Man don’t get in my way


      Now I been some places and I seen some faces
      I got my connections they take my directions
      Don’t care what they say. that’s OK, they don’t bother me
      I’m ready to make it, don’t care ’bout the weather
      Don’t care ’bout no trouble, got myself together
      No laughin’, no cryin’, my protection’s all around me

      I come up hard, baby
      I mean for real, baby
      With the Trouble Man
      Movin’, goin’ tight
      I come up hard, come on, get down
      There’s only 3 things for sure:
      Taxes, death and trouble

      This I know, baby, baby
      This I know, baby, baby
      Hey now, let it sweat, baby

      I’ve come up hard, but now I’m cool
      I didn’t make it, baby, playin’ by the rules
      I’ve come up hard, baby, but now I’m fine
      I’m shakin’ trouble, sure movin’ down the line

      (*That are for sure)

      Marvin Gaye, 1972

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