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Trouble Man (lyrics)

I come up hard, baby, and that ain't cool!
I didn't make it sugah, playin' by the rules!
I come up hard, babe, but now I'm fine.
I'm shakin' trouble sugah, & movin' down the line.
I come up hard, but that's OK.

Trouble Man don't get in my way!!

I come up hard, baby!

I mean fo' real, baby, cuz I'm a Troubled Man!
Gonna keep movin', gonna go to town.
I come up hard, and now I'm gettin' down!
There's only 3 things that's fa sho*:
Taxes, death and trouble

This I know, baby. this I know.
Yeah, you never let it sweat you baby,


Got me singin', yeah, yeah, hooo

I come up hard, baby, I had to fight!
To keep my dignity with all my might!
I come up hard, I had to win!
Then start all over. And WIN AGAIN!!
I come up hard, but that's OK!
'Cause Trouble Man don't get in my way


Now I been some places and I seen some faces
I got my connections they take my directions
Don't care what they say. that's OK, they don't bother me
I'm ready to make it, don't care 'bout the weather
Don't care 'bout no trouble, got myself together
No laughin', no cryin', my protection's all around me

I come up hard, baby
I mean for real, baby
With the Trouble Man
Movin', goin' tight
I come up hard, come on, get down
There's only 3 things for sure:
Taxes, death and trouble

This I know, baby, baby
This I know, baby, baby
Hey now, let it sweat, baby

I've come up hard, but now I'm cool
I didn't make it, baby, playin' by the rules
I've come up hard, baby, but now I'm fine
I'm shakin' trouble, sure movin' down the line

(*That are for sure)

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