You Sure Love to Ball

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You Sure Love to Ball‘ by Marvin Gaye is a soulful expression of intimacy and romance. Released in 1974 as part of his groundbreaking album ‘Let’s Get It On‘, this song stands out for its exploration of love’s physical aspect.

Unlike other tracks on the album, ‘You Sure Love to Ball’ focuses solely on the sensual side of relationships, setting the stage with a seductive rhythm section and an evocative saxophone solo, interspersed with moans symbolizing passion. The term ‘ball‘ in the title, a 1970s slang for sex, directly points to the song’s explicit theme.

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    1. Marvin’s Version

    2. Marvin Gaye’s version of ‘You Sure Love to Ball’ represents a bold expression of sexuality, a theme that was both controversial and innovative for its time. The song, featuring Marvin’s soulful voice, was recorded at Hitsville West in Los Angeles and released as the third and final single from the ‘Let’s Get It On‘ album.

      Despite initial good radio airplay, the song’s explicit nature led to a peak at #13 on the Hot Soul Singles chart and #50 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the least successful track from the album. Its lyrics and composition, full of Marvin’s signature soul and emotion, however, continue to captivate listeners.

    3. Impact and Reception of the song

    4. The release of ‘You Sure Love to Ball’ by Marvin Gaye was a defining moment in the portrayal of explicit themes in popular music. While it may not have achieved the commercial success of some of his other hits, the song’s candid exploration of sexuality was groundbreaking.

      It pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable in mainstream music during the early 1970s, paving the way for more open discussions of such themes in songs. Critics and audiences alike noted the song for its soulful melody combined with its daring lyrical content.

      Despite the controversy, ‘You Sure Love to Ball‘ contributed significantly to Gaye’s image as an artist unafraid to explore and express complex, adult emotions and experiences in his music. This boldness in theme and expression is reflected in the song’s lasting influence on artists and the music industry, highlighting Gaye’s role in shaping the evolution of R&B and soul music.

    5. Lyrics

    6. ooh Baby please turn yourself around
      ahh baby so I can love you
      ohh baby baby
      I’ll make you feel so good
      ohh baby just like you want me to
      ohh baby you sure do love to ball
      ohh baby you sure do love to ball
      ohh baby I hope you never freeze
      I love you I love you so much
      Ohh baby baby don’t ever go no where
      ohh baby I’ll love you night and day
      ohh baby you sure do love to ball
      ohh baby you sure do love to ball
      ohh I just love you that’s all
      I’ve got my mind made up baby
      There are no doubts (Ohh baby)
      Since you’re my foxy lady, foxy lady
      Ohh baby you sure do love to ball
      ohh baby you sure do love to ball
      My lady my baby sure does love to ball
      (on my mind there’s….)
      All I know that if we should ever
      Ever, ever ever ever part
      That one day will surely break my heart
      Got to get ready, got ot get ready
      Ohh baby You sure do love to ball
      Ohh baby you sure do love to ball

      Marvin Gaye, 1974

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