That’s The Way Love Is (song)

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That’s The Way Love Is, covered by Marvin Gaye in 1969, became his third consecutive million-selling solo hit following ‘I Heard It Through the Grapevine‘ and ‘Too Busy Thinking About My Baby‘.

Originally an up-tempo record by The Isley Brothers, Gaye’s version transformed it into a slowed-down, psychedelic soul opus. In this rendition, Gaye delivers the lyrics with emotional depth and a preacher-like intensity, telling the story of a man urging a woman to forget her lover who has left her for someone else​​.

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    1. Songwriting and Production

    2. That’s The Way Love Is showcases Marvin Gaye’s skill not just as a vocalist but also in song interpretation. Originally composed as an upbeat number by the Isley Brothers, Gaye and the production team at Motown reimagined the song into a slower, more introspective track.

      The transformation of the song into a psychedelic soul piece was a testament to Gaye’s ability to adapt and personalize music, turning it into a profound expression of emotion and experience. This creative process highlighted Gaye’s versatility as an artist and his keen sense of musicality.

    3. Musical Elements and Style

    4. The musical arrangement of That’s The Way Love Is is a blend of soulful melodies and psychedelic elements, a style that Marvin Gaye mastered during this phase of his career. The song features a rich tapestry of instrumental sounds, including a prominent bass line, subtle guitar riffs, and a steady drumbeat.

      Gaye’s vocal performance is particularly noteworthy; his delivery is both smooth and intense, effectively conveying the song’s emotional narrative. The combination of these musical elements creates a unique and immersive listening experience, solidifying the song’s status as a classic in the psychedelic soul genre.

    5. Chart Performance and Impact

    6. Marvin Gaye’s version of That’s The Way Love Is achieved significant commercial success, peaking at #7 on the Billboard pop singles chart and holding the #2 spot for five weeks on the soul singles chart in October 1969.

      The song was a hit, selling a million copies and cementing its place as a classic in Gaye’s discography. Its emotional delivery and soulful depth showcase Gaye’s ability to connect with the complexities of love and loss, making it a standout track in the genre of psychedelic soul​​.

    7. Lyrics

    8. Ah baby
      After many tears fall from your eyes
      A thousand times you ask yourself why
      The one guy you love has departed
      You’re left alone and broken-hearted
      Love just comes and goes
      How long it’s gonna last nobody knows

      That’s the way love is, baby [or honey, or other endearing term]
      (That’s the way love is, sugar, how it is)
      That’s the way love is, baby
      (That’s the way love is, sugar, how it is)
      That’s how it is

      I know you’re walkin’ down a lonesome road
      And your heart is carryin’ a heavy load
      I know you feel like you ain’t got a friend (ain’t got a friend)
      And your whole world’s cavin’ in (cavin’ in)
      Ah, but now is the time to be strong (to be strong)
      You better forget him now that he’s gone (now that he’s gone)



      Listen to me, little darlin’
      The road of love is rough sometimes
      But don’t let it get the best of you
      I’ve been hurt by love so many times
      I know just what you’re goin’ through
      You wish you were never born
      You better forget him now that he’s gone


      Wipe away your tears
      Love is here today and gone tomorrow
      (That’s the way love is, sugar, how it is)
      All your joys turn to sorrow
      (That’s the way love is, sugar, how it is)
      One day gladness, and the next day sadness
      (That’s the way love is, sugar, how it is)
      …and fade

      Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong, 1969

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